Ultimate guide for buying an RC Car

Ultimate guide for buying an RC Car

Toys or hobbies, RC cars are fun. But who is it for and how to choose one? While it looks very simple on the surface, RC Cars have a world of their own. Here are some pointers that can get your started


High level, RC cars are categorized as either on-road or off-road, which largely means whether they're indoor or outdoor toys. Off-road usually means more places to drive.

Examples of off-road vehicles are trucks, rock crawlers, buggies, monster trucks with each having their distinct characteristics and capabilities. A small scale rock crawler is typically an excellent choice for a beginner.

On-road RC cars on the other hand consist of racing or touring cars, drift races or cross-overs. These are meant to be driven on smoother surfaces and geared towards speed rather than drivability on various surfaces.


Scale is simply the relative size of the RC car in comparison to the real size version. A 1:16 RC car would be about 16th the size of the life sized version. RC cars come in various ranges of scale but the most common ones would be 1:10 to 1:24. Lately some table top drifters are also getting sold at 1:32 and above. A typical 1:10 scale rock crawler would be about 16-17 inch long


Most RC cars have electric motors in them and are typically run by a battery. Mainly two kinds of batteries are included with most today - 

  • Lithium-Polymer (LiPo)
  • Nickel-metal hydride (NiMh)

Manufacturers today and moving more towards LiPo batteries since they are better in efficiency and safer while holding more charge/output. 

2WD vs 4WD

Simply put, it's a question of which surface you're driving on. It can be said that a 4 wheel drive could be somewhat a better choice for uneven or irregular surface while a 2 wheel drive would be faster on smooth tarmac or tile/road. 

So if you want speed and are planning to drive on a smooth surface, a 2 wheel drive would be better while if you're planning to navigate the wilderness or drive on sand, gravel, etc a 4 wheel drive would be better to pull you out of situations where a 2 wheel drive might get stuck.

Spare parts

Any RC car with enough use would lose some of it's effectiveness due to wear and tear of the car. There will also be times when you crash and damage certain parts. While typically the damages are confined to the upper body, if you're driving outside availability of spare tyres and batteries would go a long way in ensuring you're having uninterrupted fun.


RC Cars come in all shapes and sizes. Starting from very basic scale models of bigger road cars to alien looking monster trucks and everything in between, from very basic 4 button controls to highly specialized radio controlled racing machines with wide control range. For kids or for adults, everyone can have fun and hence choose your RC as per your need. Elisian carries a wide assortment of beginner friendly RC cars which are suitable for all ages and can be driven on any surface, indoor or outdoor. Explore our RC car collection here!


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