The Difference between "Drones" and a DJI Drone

The Difference between "Drones" and a DJI Drone

What a world it would be if DJI drones were just affordable. There are so many drones in the market today each with its own set of capabilities. You can get something for as cheap as INR 2,000 to something running into lacs. Of course as the sticker price increases you get rewarded with more features, more stability, better controls and so on. But how much is enough and why are drones so expensive?

The answer lies in two things - Capabilities and Brand.

While there are other factors such as import duties, import bans, etc which are relevant for a country like India, the price of the drone is largely based on what it can do and how it is meant to be used. A typical basic drone would have a few parts - 4 motors (assuming a quadcopter), a flight controller, a camera module (if it is a camera drone), propellers and a controller. Each of these components have specifications which define their specific capabilities. Eg. a 48000 rpm 12 v DC coreless motor would be inferior in both quality and power than a similar spec DC brushless motor which in addition would be more silent and more efficient. Which component is used is a factor of what the drone is meant to be used for. A drone meant to capture stunning footage needs to have a high quality camera with gimbal and a decent battery life for it to be useful, while a military drone used for Recon will need a bigger battery and needs to be silent while handling itself in comparatively harsher weather. An agriculture drone needs to be able to carry heavy weight and needs to be larger to spray crops, which in turn will require heavy duty motors. 

If you're anything like us amateurs, a simple flying object that can hold itself stable in the air, is easy to fly and largely automated would work. And it should be affordable as well. We're not going to spend thousands of rupees to acquire something which is essentially a toy for our entertainment, who has that sort of money?

That's why toy drones do not have great cameras which are expensive to put on a product that is meant for only entertainment. A toy drone would have a very basic setup, meant for you to get used to flying. Although, toy drones have come a long way in terms of stability - a simple drone today would hold its ground or rather position in the air in the absence of any inputs much better than it's predecessors, but they're still a far cry from a high range drone like DJI. A DJI drone on the other hand is a premium device. With a whole host of features it uses good quality cameras, proprietary flight controller, good quality propellers and top notch batteries. It is meant to deliver a premium experience, of course that demands a premium price as well. The app and the whole ecosystem ensures that you're able to take advantage of everything it has to offer and then extends it's usability by providing tools for creators. There are multiple sensors for obstacle avoidance, a powerful microprocessor will do all the calculations necessary to ensure stable flight, a GPS module on top will ensure accurate return to home functionality and then a creator level camera to capture footage, coupled with an expensive battery. 

You can then decide what you're going to use your drone for. Whether you want to capture stunning footage (creator) or use it to dust your crops or just want something to learn and have fun with. The money you spend on it will justify the features it comes with. If you are a beginner and want to check out a toy drone, feel free to browse our drone collection here. We have something for every amateur pilot, obstacle avoidance foldable drones to fixed quadcopters. Happy flying!

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